Paleo Almond Butter Chicken

Almond butter chicken

Paleo Almond Butter Chicken

We LOVE nut and seed butters in our house. We eat a lot of it. So you can imagine my frustration when week after week I go to the store only to find the shelf of good quality nut butters empty. I was forced to either buy nut butters that had a list of ingredients, unrecognizable of course, or go without. Why is it necessary to add all of those ingredients anyway? And why sugar? I guess that just speaks to our addiction as a culture to artificial foods and sugar.  I’m digressing. Anyway, to solve this problem, I started making my own nut butters: almond butter, cashew butter, pecan butter, you name it.  Maple Chocolate, Pumpkin Cinnamon, Maple Vanilla…it is SO easy and so much tastier than store bought. And nothing added. You can literally just grind up the nuts or seeds in your food processor until they form a butter. I’m always surprised at how long I went without knowing that!

So here is a meal recipe to celebrate my love of nut butters! The recipe is for almond butter, but any nut/seed butter will work!

Chicken in Almond Butter Sauce
-3-4 chicken breasts
– 1 c almond butter
– 1 c chicken broth
– juice of 1 lemon
– 1/2 c coconut aminos
– 2 tsp crushed garlic
– 2 T cumin
– dash of red pepper flakes
– s&p to taste
– cauliflower or other veggies (opt)
Pull out that slow-cooker – it’s your best friend. Put chicken and all other ingredients (except veggies) in pot. Stir to cover chicken with sauce. Cook on low 6 hours. Serve over riced cauliflower or with other steamed veggies – this sauce is amazing on anything!


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