Paleo Meals for a Day: Week 4


Paleo Meals for a Day: Week 4

I just love when simple things turn out great. Like web you give your
toddler a cardboard box on a rainy day and it occupies her for hours.
Or when all of your clothes are dirty so you throw on that old t-shirt
and jeans and you actually get compliments in how good you look. In
this case it was a simple recipe that I experimented with and it
turned out AMAZING. More on that later.

So here is another day of eating in our house. Maybe you’ll find
something you like. Or let me know what a day of eating is like for


Slow-Cooker Meals:

* if you don’t have 2 slow-cookers you can steam or roast the veggies
and then throw them in a stockpot with the other ingredients and smash



  • Dates rolled in unsweetened coconut
  • Homemade nut butter
  • Basic Paleo Smoothies
  • Nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies!


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