21 Healthy (and Japheth-approved) Snack Ideas!


21 Healthy (and Japheth-approved) Snack Ideas!

Snacks can be challenging when you’re gluten-free, paleo, battling
newly discovered food allergies, and/or busy. I am a snacker myself,
and my daughter eats constantly, so having healthy and easy foods
around the house is a necessity. Crunchy, sweet, savory, we love them
Here are 21 ideas that we’ve discovered and endorse 🙂 They’re quick
and easy. Let me know what your go-to snacks are!

-Nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies
-Carrot sticks dipped in mashed avocado
-Almond Butter Ants on a Log
-Homemade Trail Mix (nuts, dried fruit, even dark chocolate)
-Paleo granola (see FB post)
-Maple-glazed walnuts (add 2c walnuts and 1/3c maple syrup to pan on
medium-high heat. Cook and stir about 3 minutes, until syrup is
-Dark chocolate covered nuts
-Nut butters (make your own!)
-Dried Fruit (with no added sugar or sulfur)
-Dates stuffed with almond butter
-Frozen bananas
-Dark chocolate covered frozen bananas
-Lara bars (or better yet, homemade! i.e.
-Homemade fruit leathers:
-Homemade Popsicles
-Boiled Eggs (sprinkle with favorite seasoning)
-Deviled eggs (yolks mixed with avocado and stuffed into whites)
-Bacon Avocado sandwiches (avocado between two slices of bacon)
-Anything wrapped in bacon


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