Animal Yoga Classes

We all approach yoga for different reasons, which is one of the reasons that Water and Rock Studios offers a number of different yoga classes, in both group and private settings. Yoga is a great way to reduce stress, improve flexibility, and enhance mobility, all while quieting the mind. But for a unique and fun experience, we’re excited to offer a line of animal yoga classes!

We’re Excited to Offer Animal Yoga Classes

You’ll be able to participate in these classes at farms, shelters, and rescues across the northeast, with more states and cities being added every day! Taught in welcoming and safe environments, these classes are ideal for those who are new to yoga or for more experienced yogis who are looking for a fresh way to practice. Enjoy these relaxing yoga sessions with fuzzy friends like goats, kittens, puppies, and bunnies!

Gaot Yoga 2

Goat Yoga Classes

As the trend takes off nation-wide, Water and Rock Studio is proud to be the original yoga studio to offer goat yoga! Spend an afternoon practicing yoga in the presence of a welcoming group of goats. As you stretch, baby pygmy goats will join you. Held on beautiful farms throughout the northeast, these goat yoga classes are a great way to increase your focus while supporting these great goats. This is an ethical and humane way to interact with pygmy goats as they leap into your arms and into your heart as you perform each pose.

Kitten Yoga Classes

Part of yoga is achieving mental clarity while you stretch. We think you’ll find it a little easier to do when there’s a purring kitten stretching on the mat next to you. Kitten yoga blends the stress relieving properties of petting cute kittens with the soothing poses of yoga. Water and Rock Studio has partnered with shelters and rescues throughout the northeast to provide these great animal yoga classes. Not only will you have the chance to practice yoga with some kittens, but you’ll even have the chance to adopt them at the end of the session!


Puppy Yoga Classes

Nearly everyone loves to spend time with their favorite dog. After all, it’s hard not to feel a bit better after you spend some time with a friendly dog. So it only makes sense that we’d want to practice yoga with our playful puppy pals! We encourage you to laugh and play with the puppies as you practice your breathing and poses, making this a truly unique way to enjoy yoga. We’ve collaborated with shelters across the northeast so you can pose in downward dog with some baby dogs! If you find the perfect yoga pal at these classes, you’ll have the chance to adopt the puppy.

Bunny Yoga Classes

Hopping around isn’t usually part of yoga practice, but when you take our bunny yoga classes it is! Perform rabbit pose in the company of some fuzzy bunnies at select farms, rescues, and shelters across the northeast. Bathe in the gentle energy that rabbits bring and develop your breathing, balance, and focus skills while you do so. You’ll have the chance to cuddle with a bunny as you stretch into the different poses. Each class supports the venue where we practice, ensuring that your new bunny friends lead happier and hoppier lives.

Water and Rock Studios Supports Our Animal Friends

Getting the chance to practice yoga with animals is a unique opportunity, and to say thanks to our new yoga friends, we donate 50% of the proceeds of the animal yoga class back to the animal shelter, rescue, or farm that hosted the class.

Our animal yoga classes are currently offered in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Vermont, with more cities in more states coming soon! Make sure to check back often and then register for your animal yoga sessions today!


We have the highest safety standards however in animal yoga there will be animals in the class area with you. Animals are unpredictable and being around them has some inherent risks. When you create your account with us, before your first session, please review the waiver fully. By participating in any of our classes/sessions at any location, you are agreeing to the terms of this liability release waiver.

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