in studio personal training

in studio personal training

In one of our warm inviting studios, Water and Rock Studio’s signature private appointment gets you in the best mental and physical health of your life.

This exclusive one-on-one personalized session integrates any one or a combination of our modalities (yoga, functional fitness, self-defense/mixed martial arts). For example, you can book dedicated Yoga sessions, dedicated Functional Fitness sessions, dedicated Self-Defense sessions or dedicated Mixed Martial Arts sessions. Or you can book private sessions that integrate a combination of these. Popular options are sessions that integrate Functional Fitness and Yoga as well as Functional Fitness and Self-Defense (punching/kicking pads).

In addition to moving your body in unique and customized ways, this exclusive one-on-one personalized session also integrates complete nutrition, lifestyle, functional metabolism, and health consulting in a holistic way that is customized to meet your individual goals and needs.

In addition to the session, you will receive a full and complete plan on everything you need to do between your sessions to optimize your mental and physical health and reach your personal goals (everything from what asana or workout to do every day to recipes and meal planning).

Safety and effectiveness are our highest priorities. We never do a session unless it will get you some of the best results on the planet and it is safe for you. We regularly work with elite athletes, senior citizens, kids and teens and those with injuries and illness. We modify safely for anyone of any age, fitness level, or health condition.

No experience necessary. All levels welcome.

At Water and Rock Studio, private training is an integral part of our overall philosophy of integrating mind and body to optimize health and wellness.

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