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practice yoga positions with playful puppy pals

For some of us, playing with dogs and puppies is more than just a form of exercise — It’s an opportunity to step away from the noise and stress of our day. In much the same way, yoga is meant to help you discover a deeper sense of well-being and mindfulness. So what if you could combine these two activities?

Water and Rock Studio partners with local rescues, shelters, and farms around the country to improve your mental and physical health through dog and puppy yoga! We recognize the value of spending time with puppies and dogs and your yoga practice, so we’ve combined the two. We’re excited to offer puppy yoga classes throughout the Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, California and Vermont areas and beyond. We’re adding more cities and states every day, so make sure to check back soon! Embrace this unique opportunity to practice yoga in a soothing setting where you can develop your sense of strength, focus, balance, and breathing, all while enjoying the company of our care-free canine friends. After each puppy yoga session, some of the puppies will be available for adoption.


Why Sign Up for Our Puppy Yoga Classes?

  • Practice yoga in a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere
  • Engage with and support local puppy shelters and rescues
  • Increase the presence of helpful hormones in your body by interacting with adorable baby dogs
  • Find relief from the stress of daily life with your new puppy pals
  • 50% of the proceeds go back to the host shelter, farm, or rescue to support the animals
  • you may have the option of adopting one of the dogs or puppies after class!

Water and Rock Studio is teaming up with shelters and rescues in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, California and Vermont and more to bring you dog and puppy yoga!

There’s nothing quite like the excitement and joy that comes from playing with a young puppy. And there’s nothing like the peace and focus that comes from practicing yoga! Now you can combine the benefits of both with puppy and dog yoga.

As you’re stretching out your side body, building strength in chair pose, or gaining awareness during pigeon pose, you’ll have an opportunity to pet and play with fun, friendly, and too-cute puppies. You don’t always get to laugh during a typical yoga practice, but that’s what makes these afternoons so beneficial!

Who knows you may even take one home! 🙂


Select shelters in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, California and Vermont and accross the country

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All ages kids and adults. No experience needed. We are the premier provider of ethical and humane animal yoga. A percentage of every sale goes directly to the farm, shelter, or rescue, and many animals are available for adoption!


relax and unwind with puppy yoga in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, California and Vermont

It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life. The demands of work and home all set to the constant chirping and buzzing of our smartphones can overwhelm even the most centered of us. Playing with our pets and regularly practicing yoga can help us clear our minds and lead healthier lives.

There are lots of mental and physical health benefits to playing with puppies. Petting a dog has been proven to lower blood pressure and your body releases the hormones that help you relax. With less stress in your life, you’ll feel better. In fact, spending time with a dog can lower your heart rate, making a dog a great companion for those with heart concerns. Dogs also make for a great way to connect with others, which is a vital part of holistic wellness. It’s for these same reasons and more that people practice yoga, so it only makes sense to combine the two.

how we structure all of our dog and puppy yoga classes

Just like dogs are welcoming of everyone, so are our puppy yoga classes. For those new to yoga, you’ll find that our classes are a great introduction to the practice. More experienced yogis will appreciate the chance to practice poses and breathing in a new environment. We accept everyone in our puppy yoga classes, regardless of age or experience (kids and adults of al ages welcome). The focus is to simply enjoy the experience of yoga and the presence of puppies.

Unlike traditional yoga classes, we perform the poses in the presence of the puppies, who are allowed to move freely through the space. It’s not uncommon for puppies to clamber on top of you while you stretch, or to roll around on your mat next to you. The puppies are a fun part of the experience, so feel free to take some time to play with them as you progress through the poses.

After class there is plenty of unstructured time to play with the pups. This allows you to meet and interact with the dogs and puppies.


We have the highest safety standards however in animal yoga there will be animals in the class area with you. Animals are unpredictable and being around them has some inherent risks. When you create your account with us, before your first session, please review the waiver fully. By participating in any of our classes/sessions at any location, you are agreeing to the terms of this liability release waiver.

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