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in home personal training

We understand that going to the gym can be intimidating and can take up precious time in your schedule. That’s why we created our in-home personal training sessions.

Get all of the same great services in your home! With this private, personal training session, you can make it your own. You can schedule a dedicated activity, like yoga, functional fitness, or self-defense/MMA, or you can create a combination of these. Common choices are yoga combined with functional fitness, or self-defense and yoga. With our help, you can create a unique plan that is tailored just for your needs and goals.

Along with traditional fitness training, Water and Rock Studio strives to create a holistic approach that includes nutrition training, methods for increasing metabolism, and health consulting. With this unique and personalized mindset, we believe that your needs and goals will be met!

Are you worried about staying on track in between sessions? To ensure that you have all of the tools necessary to be successful, we will provide a detailed plan that you can follow until your next session. This includes meal plans and recipes, which areas of your yoga practice you can focus on, and specific workouts that you can complete. You’ll never be alone in your fitness journey.

At Water and Rock Studio,

our client’s well being is always a top priority. With each activity and movement that you complete, we will ensure that you are following the correct technique and form that will protect your body from injury. Our personal trainers work with a range of clients, including athletes, seniors, and kids. With this range of fitness levels, we provide modifications so that everyone feels comfortable and safe during their workout.

To improve your fitness level and education, along with a philosophy of mind and body awareness, we believe that one-on-one training is essential.

Join our fitness studio and start seeing a healthier you!


By participating in any of our classes/sessions at any location, you are agreeing to the terms of this liability release waiver.

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