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At Water and Rock Studio in Manhattan, we recognize that health, wellness, and personal fitness is an individual journey. It’s our goal to honor this unique path, and offer you the resources and skills you need to help you build strength, develop flexibility, and refine your sense of self. With a suite of classes and sessions available, we welcome people on all paths into our Manhattan yoga studio.

Our yoga, martial arts, and personal fitness instructors offer large and small group courses, individual sessions, as well as online courses, all designed to meet your fitness goals. We develop a personalized health and fitness strategy for all of our students, including activities and exercises that help to develop whole-body strength. We supplement our work with health coaching and nutrition plans so you can nourish your body and your mind.

Water and Rock Studio is Excited to Offer Courses in Manhattan

Manhattan is a vibrant community, with a rich sense of culture and expression. But when the hustle and bustle of city life start to weigh heavy on your mind and on your shoulders, it’s time to create some distance between yourself and these daily stressors. Our health and wellness studio is the place to do just that thanks to our complement of courses and classes including yoga, functional fitness, self-defense/MMA, personal training and health consulting.

Personal Training

Perhaps the greatest advantage of working with a personal trainer is that you can schedule your sessions on your terms. In addition to private sessions at our studio in Manhattan, we also offer in-home sessions, and online courses, offering you a greater degree of flexibility. No matter how you interact with the personal trainers at Water and Rock Studio, you’re sure to improve your strength, improve your endurance, and improve your health.


The benefits of yoga are nearly endless, and this low-impact form of exercise is an excellent way to tone your body and build strength, all while finding a greater sense of focus and calm. You’ll find Vinyasa, Hatha Flow, and other forms of yoga at our Manhattan studio, as well as classes for kids, teens, and seniors. We even offer prenatal yoga! Like our personal training, we offer both private and group sessions at our studio, in your home, or online. For a fun new take on this timeless form of exercise, explore our animal yoga classes to rehearse your poses with our fuzzy friends.

Self-Defense & MMA

For a powerful way to develop strength, confidence, and skills, explore our self-defense and MMA courses. We teach forms like Krav Maga, HIIT kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These effective, fun and accessible sessions are led by our team of experienced instructors who are excited to work with students of all ages and skill levels. You’ll learn valuable lifesaving skills that help you gain strength, and competence in self-defense strategies. No experience needed!

Our Approach to Health and Fitness

At Water and Rock Studio, we’re committed to a holistic approach to health and fitness. More than just the proper way to exercise, we want to explore why these exercises are important and pair our courses with nutrition plans that are designed for your unique needs. 

More than just a yoga studio, we hope to help you improve your relationships with nutrition, exercise, and of course, yourself. Many of our clients find that our classes help them better manage their stress, their sleep, and their sense of self!

From the moment you meet with our instructors, we’ll create a set of personalized goals and plans that are crafted to help you find success. By combining physical strength with great nutrition, and a greater sense of mindfulness, you can lead the healthy lifestyle you deserve.
We invite you to begin your path toward personal health and fitness today. Connect with Water and Rock Studio in Manhattan and ask about your free introductory class or free private consultation!!

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