Kitten Yoga Nationwide!

Enjoy a Yoga session with adorable kitten companions

Practice yoga or just cuddle and play with the cats and kittens!

Being around animals (cats and kittens in this case) is good for your health, yoga is good for your health, being in a natural environment is good for your health, doing all three together is an amazing unforgettable positive experience. No matter what you think, try it once, you will be glad you did.

Yoga is meant to help you find an inner sense of balance and focus. It’s also meant to help you relax and unwind, and what’s a better way to do than to play with adorable kittens? Water and Rock Studio is tickled to offer yoga classes with our fuzzy feline friends.

We host our cat and kitten yoga classes and events at farms, shelters, and rescues across the Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, and California area. We’re adding more cities and states every day, so make sure to check back soon! You’ll enjoy the chance to practice yoga in a relaxed and comfortable environment, refining your balance, strength, focus, and breathing while tiny kittens play in harmony around you. After each cat and kitten yoga class, some of the kittens may be available for adoption.

all ages children/adults - no experience needed

50% of proceeds go to the rescue/shelter.


Why Join Our Kitten Yoga Classes?

  • Enjoy a relaxed yoga environment
  • Support local shelters and rescues
  • Relieve stress through guided yoga and interacting with kittens
  • Boost helpful hormones by petting and playing with kittens
  • 50% of the proceeds go back to the host shelter, farm, or rescue to support the animals

Water and Rock Studio has partnered with shelters in Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Jersey to bring you Kitten Yoga!

While you’re in a downdog, warrior two, or child’s pose, imagine soft and furry kittens walking onto your mat, purring as they rub their head on your arms or legs. The practice of yoga is meant to bring peace, joy, and focus, while also encouraging you to become one with your surroundings. What better way to spend an afternoon than with friendly kittens wandering around?

Look forward to releasing some stress and anxiety, getting away from technology and work, and experience the joy of being able to pet and play with friendly little kittens.


Select shelters in Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, California, and around the country!

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advanced registration required

All levels welcome. No experience needed. We are the premier provider of ethical and humane animal yoga. A percentage of every sale goes directly to the farm, shelter, or rescue, and many animals are available for adoption!


Breakaway From the Stress of Daily Life with Kitten Yoga Classes

Daily life can put a lot of pressure on our body and our mind. When possible, it’s great to get away from these stressors and restore ourselves. It’s not uncommon for individuals to use yoga as a way to unplug from the things that occupy their minds. It’s for the same reason that many people choose to own a cat.

Like yoga, petting and playing with cats has a host of health benefits. Being in the presence of cats has been shown to help reduce subjective feelings of stress and anxiety. Their purring purportedly has therapeutic benefits for muscle and joint pain, and those who own cats find they are better rested than those who don’t. These benefits are remarkably similar to those that a regular yoga practice has to offer. Doing both together has even greater mental and physical health benefit and is an unforgettable joyful experience.

What Our Kitten Yoga Classes Look Like

We structure our kitten yoga classes so that they’re accessible for everyone. Whether you’re brand new to yoga, an experienced yogi, or just want a chance to enjoy something new and kittens, you’ll love our cat and kitten yoga classes. We recognize that your relationship with yoga is ever-evolving. There’s no need to worry about perfecting your posture, breathing, or balance. Just enjoy the chance to explore this experience and your connection with the kittens around you.

For those with more yoga experience, you’ll have the chance to deepen your practice, connect your mind and body in a natural way, while experiencing the joy of being around cats and kittens.

You'll have time during and after class to watch, cuddle and play with the cats and kittens.

One of the unique elements of our yoga classes is that we allow the kittens to wander throughout the space as we practice. You might find a kitten cuddles up against you as you enter a new pose, or sprawls out on your mat alongside you while you stretch. We believe that the kittens are welcome distractions, so don’t hesitate to stop for a minute and enjoy their presence as you work through the poses. These is nothing more present that that.

We have the highest safety standards however in animal yoga there will be animals in the class area with you. Animals are unpredictable and being around them has some inherent risks. When you create your account with us, before your first session, please review the waiver fully. By participating in any of our classes/sessions at any location, you are agreeing to the terms of this liability release waiver.

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