Bunny Yoga in Vermont

Feel Relaxed and Well-Rounded With Rabbit Yoga

Feeling hopping mad? Have a wild hare for something new? Then bunny yoga might be just for you. Take a step away from the stress and noise of daily life and take a moment to breathe easy while in the company of bouncy bunnies. When combined with the restorative acts of yoga, you’re sure to feel better.

Connecting with yourself and animals is a wonderful way to relax and yoga is a restorative act that helps you achieve greater wellness. Water and Rock Studio has created bunny yoga classes that allow you to interact with some of nature’s most gentle creatures while performing poses that are gentle on your body and mind. These classes, offered in throughout Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, are provided in conjunction with local shelters, farms, and rescues. We’re adding more cities and states every day, so make sure to check back soon! In this calm setting, you can focus on developing your strength, balance, breathing, and focus while creating closer bonds with nature.

Why Should You Sign Up for Bunny Yoga Classes?

  • Feel a sense of elation and relaxation by playing with peaceful rabbits
  • Support and connect to local farms, shelters, and rescues
  • Allow your body to be filled with helpful hormones by petting cute bunnies
  • Disconnect from the stressors of daily life and focus on improving your form
  • 50% of the proceeds go back to the host shelter, farm, or rescue to support the animals

Water and Rock Studio is cooperating with shelters, farms, and rescues in Vermont to offer our bunny yoga classes!

There are few things more wholesome than spending time with an adorable rabbit. And when it comes to finding inner peace and focus, few things are better than yoga. It’s only natural that our yoga studio would combine the two. Enjoy the benefits of yoga while spending time with your new fuzzy friends.

As you perform each pose, you’ll get the chance to pet, play with, and admire the bouncy and curious bunnies around you. As you tree pose, enjoy the feeling of the bunnies moving over your feet. A curious bunny might leap upon your back while you’re child’s pose, and you’ll have the chance to survey their activities while you pose in warrior two.


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All levels welcome. No experience needed. We are the premier provider of ethical and humane animal yoga. A percentage of every sale goes directly to the farm, shelter, or rescue, and many animals are available for adoption!


Perk Up Your Ears and Your Body With Bunny Yoga in Vermont

We all love the chance to see a rabbit in the wild. Their bright eyes, tall ears, and delightful way of moving immediately draws our attention and lifts our spirits. If modern living has you bouncing off the walls, then finding a brief escape through yoga might be just what you need. By combining the healing practices of yoga with the soothing experience of being near a bunny can help you find your center and live a fuller life.

Many turn to yoga to help quiet their busy minds. Performing the poses near the quiet energy of a bunny is a great match then. Petting rabbits, like petting other animals, has been proven to help reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety that many of us live with day-to-day. And despite their diminutive size, many rabbits have a big personality. You might find that practicing yoga with bunnies becomes your preferred way to stretch!

What Do Our Bunny Yoga Classes Entail?

Bunnies bring a quiet and focused energy with them everywhere they go. You can tap into that same energy when you attend one of our bunny yoga classes. These classes are great for those who are new to yoga, or simply want the chance to play with some cute bunnies in a fun way! We welcome yogis of all levels to these classes, as one of the key points is to enjoy your new rabbit friends!

We begin each session with some uninterrupted time for you to interact with the rabbits. Once you’ve made your introductions and had the chance to hop about, we’ll move into our yoga practice space and begin the class.

One of the best parts of this yoga class is that the bunnies are allowed to join us! They’ll hop and bounce throughout the space, joining you on your mat or exploring those around you. The bunnies are a wonderful addition to the yoga experience, so don’t feel bad about leaving a pose to stop and cuddle a bunny for a few minutes.

We have the highest safety standards however in animal yoga there will be animals in the class area with you. Animals are unpredictable and being around them has some inherent risks. When you create your account with us, before your first session, please review the waiver fully. By participating in any of our classes/sessions at any location, you are agreeing to the terms of this liability release waiver.

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