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People approach mixed martial arts and self-defense classes for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s the development of strength and fitness. For others, it’s the discipline of the sport and the community around it. There are also those who seek out these skills as a way to develop their confidence and build trust in their abilities to defend themselves and their friends and family in any situation.

No matter your reason for practicing martial arts or self-defense forms, you’ll find a class that works for you and your schedule thanks to the online courses offered by Water & Rock Studio. Each session is led by one of our experienced personal instructors and is framed as if you were working with us in-studio. Connect with our team today and start your online Self-Defense/MMA classes today.

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The practice of self-defense and martial arts is a personal journey. Everyone approaches their training for different reasons and walks their path at a different pace. That’s why taking self-defense and MMA classes online is a great option for those looking to deepen their knowledge of these skills in the safe and familiar environment of their home, work, dorm, base, or anywhere.

Much in the same way you’d connect and work with an instructor when you visit our studio in-person, our instructors begin all of our online sessions by getting to know you and developing an understanding of your goals and interests. After getting to know you better and your goals with self-defense skills and MMA, your instructor will begin your session.

Online courses are a great choice for real people with no experience at all to martial artists of all levels. Whether you’re taking your first lesson or you’ve been practicing for years, online instruction offers a greater degree of flexibility than in-studio options. Whether you can’t fit a trip to the studio into your schedule, or you just need some supplemental practice, you’ll enjoy the same quality of instruction and care as if you were working with our instructors face-to-face.

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For many, the idea of taking an self-defense/MMA class online might seem odd. After all, self-defense, in particular, requires a close bond between student and instructor. But schedules change, and instructors, partners, and students make moves in their lives that can distance them. We’ve found that these important bonds can be sustained, and even deepened, thanks to online courses.

For many, martial arts and self-defense skills are a passion, and the harsh reality is that we don’t always have time to pursue our passions. Whether you’re working late, raising a family, or just don’t have the time it takes to get to our studio, an online course grants you a flexible opportunity to engage in the sports that fulfill you. Online self-defense and MMA classes can be scheduled to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Many bemoan the omnipresence and overuse of phones, tablets, and other devices. It’s true that they can distract us from our daily lives, but they can also help to enrich it. By taking your self-defense and MMA classes online you’re using all of the best features of these technologies and establishing close connections with others and improving your skill sets. An online class through Water & Rock Studio is a great way to get the kind of one-on-one attention and instruction you need to excel in your MMA and self-defense practices.

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Life can keep us from pursuing our passions, but that doesn’t have to be the case for your MMA and self-defense studies. Thanks to our online instruction and personal classes, you can continue to refine your self-defense and MMA skills from the comfort of your own home on a schedule that works best for you. Let our talented and experienced instructors help you reach your self-defense and martial arts goals today.

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