There are a number of ways to improve your connection to yourself and your yoga practice. You can take group sessions, perform poses at home, and now you can meet with the instructors privately at Water and Rock Studios

Join us at our yoga studios and experience an added level of attention and care through private lessons. You’ll be partnered with a personal instructor and together you’ll craft a plan and schedule that helps you achieve your goals and needs.

Deepen Your Knowledge With Private In-Studio Yoga Classes

Your experience of yoga is a highly personal one, so it only makes sense to offer yourself some personal instruction. When you take private lessons in our studio, you can improve your skills and enhance your knowledge of the practice in a meaningful way. 

Private instruction begins with a dialogue about your goals, as well as developing a familiarity with your body and how you move. You’ll discuss injuries, lifestyles, and tightness. This makes private lessons a great fit for those who are new to practicing yoga, those who are returning after time or way, or even for those who are looking to advance their skills. Ultimately, private in-studio instruction offers you the chance to develop a greater sense of how you move, and the areas you want to improve in.

Often our clients use yoga and their time in the studio as a way to disconnect from the frenetic pace of daily life. The studio serves as a sort of retreat. If you’re not able, or not comfortable practicing yoga in your own home, or simply prefer the calming atmosphere of our studio spaces, taking private lessons with us is the perfect solution.

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Why Our Studio is Ideal for Private Lessons

By offering private lessons in our studios, we can more fully connect with our clients. We appreciate the chance to work with them closely to help them grow as individuals and as practitioners of yoga.

For many, in-studio private lessons are a great fit for their needs and their schedules. For those who also take group classes, taking private classes at our studio is one of the best ways to isolate and focus on specific movements or techniques. With the extra attention, you can often improve your practice quickly.

For others, group classes don’t always agree with their schedules or their needs. If you’re not able to attend group classes, private yoga classes offer you a greater degree of flexibility, ensuring you maintain your yoga skills at a pace that works best for you. Private lessons also reduce the distractions of taking group classes. Working one-on-one with an instructor means that there’s no one else to compare yourself to, allowing you to fully concentrate on your experience. 

You’ll also enjoy the benefit of having the studio at your disposal. You and your instructor can utilize the equipment and ambiance of our studio to help you refine techniques and skills. By working privately in the studio, you can separate yourself from the stresses of daily life and your busy schedule.

Reach Out to Water and Rock To Arrange Your In-Studio Sessions

When you’re ready to truly connect with your yoga practice, then it’s time to arrange for private classes at our studio. Offer yourself the opportunity to separate from the stress and pace of your day and retreat into a quieter space. Through our private lessons, you can improve and refine your practice and skills.

Interested in scheduling your lessons? Then we invite you to connect with our instructors today and arrange a time that works best for your schedule.

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