practice yoga or just cuddle and play with the goats!

Being around animals (goats in this case) is good for your health, yoga is good for your health, being in a natural environment is good for your health, doing all three together is an amazing unforgettable positive experience. No matter what you think, try it once, you will be glad you did.

Water and Rock Studio is one of the original premier providers of ethical, and humane goat yoga.

Goat yoga is a thing — and we’re doing it! Imagine practicing yoga while these cuties nuzzle you, explore your mat, and even jump on you in their natural yogi element! Have fun while also increasing awareness and bringing focus to your body and your breath.

all ages children/adults - no experience needed

50% of proceeds go to the farm/rescue.


Why Join Our Goat Yoga Class?

  • Playing with or petting animals (goats in this case) helps boost hormone levels
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Spending time in nature provides a brain-break from technology
  • Laughter is a natural medicine
  • Contact with animals can help with relaxation


Mountain Pride Farm in Quakertown, Pennsylvania
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Private Goat Yoga Classes

Water and Rock Studio, offers private goat yoga classes! You can experience the same great class, and the same fun, entertaining, and friendly goats with a group of friends, family, or coworkers, or you can also plan a bachelorette party, bridal shower, birthday party, or any other group event.

Whatever group you come with, everyone can look forward to getting in a good stretch and an opportunity to focus on their breath and movement, while also being able to pet and play with goats! These classes are led by experienced yoga instructors who are passionate about making it fun for everyone regardless of age, fitness, or skill level. No experience needed. All ages kids and adults.

Whether you’re looking to have a fun afternoon with your pals or want to participate in a team building activity, goat yoga is a great way to get to know more about your fellow yogis and to enjoy spending time around wonderful goats..

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if you want to get away from the stress of technology, industry, and our fast paced lives

taking the time to come to our goat yoga class is a perfect way to do it. Whether you have never done yoga or if you are a practicing yogi, we welcome everyone to take in the fresh sights, sounds, and smells of goats in their natural environment.

Throughout the practice, the goats will be wandering around the area, nibbling on grass and hay, they may walk on your mat, and might even jump up on your back in certain poses! One of the most enjoyable parts of goat yoga is obviously the goats! So feel free to rest for a minute to pet and play with the goat as they pass by your mat.

If you are new to yoga, there is nothing to worry about and no need to stress about your posture, balance, how far you stretch, or if you aren’t quite aligning your breath with the movements. Yoga is a practice, and it can take some patience and understanding to get where you want to be — and that is exactly what yoga is all about.

If you are an experienced yogi, these classes will allow you to deepen your practice, allowing your mind and body to further connect while experiencing the joy of being around goats.

Water and Rock Studio offers goat yoga in Burlington, Vermont and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Quakertown, just a two-hour drive from Manhattan. 

We also offer goat yoga with select local farms and rescues around the country

Our goat yoga classes encourage everyone to take a break from technology, industry, and our fast paced lives and spend some time breathing, connecting our mind and body, and experiencing the joy of being around goats in their natural environment.

media coverage of our goat yoga classes:

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By participating in any of our classes/sessions at any location, you are agreeing to the terms of this liability release waiver.

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