The popularity of yoga is growing across the country. While the number of studios has risen to meet these needs, not everyone always feels connected to their practice when they do yoga in a group setting. That’s why Water and Rock Studio is very excited to now offer private yoga lessons and sessions.

As part of our vision of cultivating balance, strength, and fluidity in our clients, we recognize that meeting our clients where they are, both physically and emotionally, is a great way to actualize that vision. Clients can now take part in our private yoga sessions here in our Philadelphia and Vermont studios, as well as their own homes, and even online.

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In-Home Yoga Sessions

For some, making time to practice yoga in a shared space, like a studio, can be challenging. There’s the logistics of traveling there, organizing your things, and then getting back home. For others, there are more personal challenges. Some may not feel comfortable practicing yoga in a group setting. By working with a private personal trainer in your home, you can enjoy all of the benefits of an in-studio class without the challenges of getting to the studio.

Your in-home sessions can help you with your personal health and yoga goals. Once you’ve met with our private yoga instructors, together you’ll develop a personalized plan and schedule. Whether you’re using this as a chance to start your yoga practice, or if you’re looking to refine and develop your skills in-depth, an in-home session is a great way to do it.

Private In-Studio Yoga Sessions

For many, the chance to step into a yoga studio is also a chance to step away from the stresses of daily life. But sometimes a group setting can conjure similar feelings. Fortunately, Water and Rock ensures that our spaces can be used by individuals and groups alike. That’s why we’ve started offering private in-studio sessions.

By working with a yoga instructor privately in our studio, you can focus on developing specific skills and techniques, while having access to everything our studio has to offer. This is ideal for those who do not have a quiet space to practice at their home, or simply for those who feel more comfortable here in our studio. We offer private in-studio yoga sessions at both our Chestnut Hill and Burlington studios.

Online Private Yoga Sessions

Distance is no obstacle for Water and Rock Studio. If you’re not able to join us for classes at your home or at one of our studios, we’re more than happy to connect with you online. Online yoga sessions are a great way to work with the instructors you feel most comfortable and confident with, even if they’re across the country.

Taking private yoga lessons online is the perfect option for a variety of yoga practitioners. It removes many of the logistical hassles like traveling to and from a studio, as it can be practiced at home. It also offers a level of flexibility that traditional private sessions do not. You can create a custom schedule that works for you, and you’ll be partnered with a trainer who knows your schedule.

Expand Your Practice With Our Private Yoga Sessions

By taking private lessons with our yoga instructor, you’re offering yourself the chance to deepen your understanding of yoga and yourself. Together, you and your instructor can set goals to work toward, while also helping you to develop and refine new skills in your yoga practice.

If you’re interested in learning more about our private in-home, in-studio, and online sessions, we encourage you to reach out and connect with us today.

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