6 Benefits of Live Online Personal Training

Much like our variety of classes and modalities, our virtual – or online – services were born based on the needs of our clients. Years ago when we moved to Philadelphia, many of our clients chose to continue working with us, through virtual private training. Some of our sessions were by phone, and others through Skype. We still work with many of the clients now, years later, at a lower frequency. Many of our current studio clients also opt for virtual sessions from time to time, as they may be traveling for business, feeling a little under the weather, or just want to enjoy a session from the comfort of their own home. We enjoy getting to travel the world virtually with our clients, and helping to keep them on track to their personal health and fitness goals, no matter where they are!

Our online personal training services are just like our in-person sessions, except online. That means you’ll be working live with an instructor during each session. You can ask questions, check in about your form, your measurements, your goals, and even do a workout with your trainer right there with you! Our sessions include individualized health consulting, assessment of metabolic functioning, and an individualized plan including workouts and breathing or meditation exercises and whole foods based nutrition.
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 6 Benefits of Live Online Personal Training

Have you tried online personal training? Here are 6 reasons why you may want to consider this option for optimizing your health:

  1. Convenience of Location. This is the number one reason most people opt for online personal training sessions. No worries about travel time, trudging through snow, or leaving the house while the chicken is cooking! You can do your session from home, from work, from the beaches in Mexico, or a hotel room in Japan – just log on.
  2. Ease. Having an online personal trainer is easy. As I said, just log on. The workouts, however, are not.
  3. Individualized Workout and Nutrition Advice. Your personal training session will be live and face-to-face (unless you choose a phone call, which will be more ear-to-ear). Your workouts and nutrition guidance will work around where you are and any situations that you may encounter. Don’t have access to a kettle bell? We’ll find a substitute. Have a business dinner in Taiwan? We’ll help give you tips on eating out. Feeling under the weather? We’ll modify your session and plan based on your needs.
  4. Flexibility. You can do your workouts where you want, when you want, and wearing whatever you want! With our online training services you will get weekly workouts, recipes, and tips sent straight to your inbox, for you to access and use at your convenience.
  5. Accountability. Since your sessions are live, you will be held accountable for your progress and in reaching your goals. Our online trainers will check in with your measurements and discuss challenges and successes as you progress.
  6. Access to an Expert. Choosing a personal trainer online gives you access to trainers anywhere in the world, that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. This means you can be a little pickier. Scan reviews and testimonials to find someone who is experienced, successful, and a good fit for you!
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