Chia Flax Super Cereal (Paleo, Grain-free, Gluten-free)


Chia Flax Super Cereal (paleo, gluten free, sugar free)

I love eggs for breakfast. I eat them everyday, with homemade sauerkraut. I feel empty without it. BUT, as someone who was raised on cereal and who still craves that crunchy goodness in a bowl with cold milk once in a while, I understand why one of the most frequent recipe questions we get is about cereal. Also, I have kids who sometimes get tired of eggs (shocking, right?).

There are lots of delicious grain-free and paleo cereal recipes out there. I’ve tried several of them, but it turns out that one that I created – almost by accident really – is our favorite. It has become almost as loved in our house as my Paleo Granola and I make both almost every week! This is a recipe that you can use as cereal, or if you cut it into larger pieces it can be used as crackers (we like to spread homemade almond butter or jam on them). They are packed with chia and flax seeds so there is a decent amount of protein here as well (1 ounce chia or flax seeds is roughly 5 grams protein).

So dust off those cereal bowls, get or make some good quality almond or coconut milk, and enjoy!

Chia Flax Super Cereal (Paleo, Grain-free, Gluten-free)

– 1/2c almond flour
– 1/2c chia seeds
– 1/2 cup flax seeds
– 1/2c unsweetened shredded coconut
– 2T coconut flour
– 1/4c maple syrup
– 2 eggs
– 1tsp cinnamon
– 1/2tsp vanilla extract
– 1/2tsp salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together in large bowl. Spread onto parchment paper lined baking sheet. Place another piece of parchment paper over dough and use rolling pin to roll flat, to about 1/8-1/4 inch thick. You may need to spread between 2 baking sheets. Take a sharp knife or pizza cutter and lightly cut flattened dough into tiny squares (cereal) or large squares (crackers). Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Turn oven down to 150 degrees and bake for another 15 minutes. Let cool. If not crisp put back in oven and bake for a few more minutes at 150 degrees. Once cool break along scored lines and store in airtight container. Can stay on counter for a week, or 2 weeks in the fridge.


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