Eating Healthy and Paleo on a Budget


Eating Healthy and Paleo on a Budget

It seems that many people find eating healthy, local, organic,
and/paleo, is cost prohibitive. I hear all the time: “I’d love to eat
like that, but it’s expensive!” and that’s true. It can be more
expensive than a diet of processed foods or lower quality meats and
produce.  We get it. But here’s one way to look at it: it’s better to
pay a little more now for good, nourishing foods than to pay doctors
later for the detrimental effects that those cheaper foods caused. And
more than likely the cost of those meds and doctor visits will more
than outdo the cost of buying and eating healthier foods. If you’re
still skeptical, or like me are always searching for ways to cut costs
NOW, here are some ways that we’ve found help us save money while
still eating as healthily (and deliciously!) as possible. I hope you
find it helpful in your journey to healthier eating!

1) Cook.
Cook at home as much as possible. It’s healthier and cheaper! Have you
calculated how much you spend on eating out, grabbing coffee, etc?
What if you used that budget for organically grown produce or grassfed
beef instead?

2) Eat Less Protein and More Veggies!
We find that a lot of people are eating more than the recommended
amount of protein and not enough veggies. Your plate should be mostly
veggies with a relatively small amount of protein. If you’re not sure
if you’re eating enough vegetables, eat more! Also, in terms of cost,
vegetables tend to be cheaper than protein sources so this will help
your wallet too!

3)Make It Yourself
You can save a lot of money over time by making things yourself, and
while we recognize that people are busy, here are a few things that
don’t take a lot of time, and are well worth the effort!

Coconut milk:
Mix one can of full fat coconut milk (I like Native Forest because
it’s organic and BPA free. You can find it in a grocery store or on
with 2 cans of water. You can add a few drops of vanilla or almond
extract for extra flavor. It’ll cost roughly $2.50 versus the $4-$5
you’d normally spend on coconut or almond milk, and it’s much
healthier than most brands!

Nut/Seed butters:
Make your own and save money! Just throw your favorite nuts or seeds
into a blender or food processor, add a little nut/seed oil if needed
(raw nuts may need a little help), and blend until you get a butter!
This is also great because not only is it healthier, with less
additives, than most store-bought brands, but you can make any flavor
you want. Add a little cocoa or maple syrup or even pumpkin for
something different!

Homemade Chicken Broth:
If you haven’t read my post yet on chicken broth, you should!

Making it yourself is so much more beneficial to your
health than buying it in the store, and cheaper! An organic chicken
may cost $15-$20 and makes about $18-$20 worth of organic broth
(compared to pries at my local Whole Foods store). AND you get a whole
chicken’s worth of meat as a bonus! If you’re just using bones, you can
buy bones for $1.50 or less a pound, and still make about 6 quarts of
chicken broth! (I use 2-3lbs per 6 quart pot).

4) Bulk Buying

Farmer’s Markets
Ask your local farmer’s market farmers about bulk buying discounts. We
know that CSA’s are a great way to enjoy local produce, but you may be
surprised at what else you’ll find! For example, from one of our
favorite farmstands you can purchase a quarter cow, which is about 150
pounds of beef. The cost? Comes to about $4.50 a pound – that’s for
grassfed local beef from an organic farm, including steaks! That’s
cheaper than most lower quality, non local cuts that you’ll find. So
if you have the freezer space and love beef it’s a no-brainer. Seems
like too much beef? Go in on it with a friend! Here’s the farm we use:

Many farmers also offer discounts on produce, honey, etc when buying
large amounts. Can’t hurt to ask!

US Wellness Meats
The farmers at US Wellness Meats are committed to sustainable and
humane practices. They offer everything from grassfed beef and bison
to free-range poultry. Organ meats, pet food, even honey. They also
offer sugar-free bacon, Canadian bacon, and hams! Buying in bulk will
get you discounts here as well. So if you order 40lbs or more of total
product you can save $25; you can also save percentages when buying
one product in bulk; on top of all of this, they are very generous in
offering discounts to loyal customers!

Tropical Traditions
If you consume coconut products, you’ve probably heard of this site.
Their quality of coconut oil, coconut cream concentrate, and all
things coconut (even skincare!) is unmatched. Their website also
provides tons of recipes, information, and the latest research on the
benefits of coconut oil. They encourage bulk buying by offering
discounts on large amounts of coconut oil, etc. In addition, by
joining their Healthy Buyers Club, you can save on these products as
well as beef and/or skincare. It’s worth looking into!

These are just a few ideas that we’ve found helpful and hope you do
too. As always we invite you to share your own cost-saving tips and
experiences too!


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