Everyday Naturopathy: Protection from Bugs and Sun the Healthy and Natural Way


Everyday Naturopathy: Protection from Bugs and Sun the Healthy and Natural Way

Have you considered natural and homemade alternatives to bug
repellent, relief for insect bites, even sunscreen and sunburn? Many
of these products contain numerous chemicals and ingredients that are,
frankly, unnecessary and unhealthy.  So why not make your own when
it’s easy, quick, cheaper, and healthier for you and your family? I’m
actually embarrassed that it took me this long to figure this out!

Bug Repellant

Essential oils are key for this, and if you haven’t discovered the
world of eo’s and their power, now is a good time! Different oils
repel different types of insects, so you may need to do a little
research to find a recipe that meets your needs. But one thing I found
interesting is that the Center for Disease Control actually states
that lemon eucalyptus eo is a good alternative to DEET in repelling
many insects, such as mosquitoes. Not to mention all of the
testimonials out there. So…why are we using DEET?

Other oils that repel insects include tea tree, peppermint, clove,
geranium and bergamot, among others. Grab a glass spray bottle and
combine these with water or a witch hazel/carrier oil mix and there
you have it! (For a 3-4oz bottle use about 100drops of eo, and 2Tbsp
each of witch hazel and jojoba or olive oil).

Bug Bite Relief

There are multiple natural sources for big bite relief, whether it’s
for swelling, itchiness, or just irritation. Here are a few to try:
– coconut oil
– bentonite clay
– lavender eo in carrier oil
– aloe vera
– crushed basil


Yes, you can make your own in about 10-20 minutes! I’ve made a few
batches with different SPF levels, and use it on my entire family,
even my 9mo old! It is the most soothing, moisturizing and non-goopy
sunscreen I have ever worn. Here is the sunscreen recipe I like to use, although
I’m sure there are several out there that work!

Sunburn Relief

Ok, so sometimes we forget and stay in the sun too long. It happens.
So before you reach for the Advil, here are some natural ideas for
sunburn relief that you can try!
– aloe vera
– coconut oil
– apple cider vinegar
– peppermint eo in carrier oil such as olive, jojoba, or coconut

I hope this helps to at least get you started or to bring awareness to
the very simple and all-natural ways that we can take care of
ourselves and our children this summer! Feel free to google search
around to find what works for you, and let me know!


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