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Everyday Naturopathy

My knowledge and use of naturopathic remedies is evolving. I’m fairly
new to it, and endlessly fascinated. It makes sense, of course, that
these natural resources would be able to heal our wounds, alleviate
our pain, and cure our diseases. But after decades of using
conventional medicine, of not even considering alternatives, of
trusting everything the doctor tells us, it’s difficult to change this
mindset, even if it means giving our bodies the purest, healthiest,
and often simplest treatment. I’ve been reading about, advising
students, and using some naturopathic and integrative remedies for a
few years, but became even more committed to living as naturally as
possible after having my second baby. Xavier was a healthy baby
overall, but suffered from significant reflux and digestive issues
when he was a newborn. Japheth and I had to watch him screaming and
writhing in pain every night, unable to sleep, unable to find comfort
in anything that we did. He developed a rash all over his body and
spit up almost as much as he ate. We went to two pediatricians: one
dismissed it as a common problem; the other said the rash will go away
“by the time he’s able to smile for pictures” and prescribed Zantac.
Now as someone who had suffered from GERD for years and who
understands all too well the negative effects and addictive qualities
of acid reflux medications, you can imagine how disturbed I was at the
idea of my 2 month old going on Zantac. Enter our wonderful
naturopathic doctor and friend, “Dr. Anya”. Anya took one look at
Xavier and pronounced him allergic to something I was eating, put me
on an elimination diet, and recommended a few other natural methods to
use to help him find a little more comfort, and sleep. A few days
later Xavier was like a different baby. Sleeping better and clearly
feeling better, no longer in pain. I gave life to this child and there
is nothing that I wouldn’t do for him, so giving up eggs and dairy for
a while was nothing. But it meant everything.

Dr. Anya can be reached at: www.guidednaturalhealth.com.

Since then I’ve used and researched other naturopathic healing
techniques, including herbal remedies, homemade skincare, and
essential oils. We drink herbal teas for anything from lactation to
stress to fatigue. We use essential oils to help with allergies, sleep
difficulties, and teething. It’s wonderful to have “medicines” that I
don’t have to worry about being unsafe for our children or toxic to
us. I don’t need a translation for the ingredients on the label. It
just makes sense.

If you haven’t yet delved into this world, I encourage you to do so!
Here are some herbs and oils often used for common conditions. *if
you’re considering giving these a try please consider any medications
you may be taking and check with a doctor if needed. There are many
different ways to use herbs and eos so please do your research to make
sure you’re using them in the safest and most effective way!

Seasonal Allergies-  herbs:ginkgo biloba, stinging nettles, milk
thistle, yarrow; oils: peppermint, lemon, lavender

Headaches- herbs: feverfew, valerian root; oils: peppermint or a blend
of peppermint, rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus

Stress- herbs: lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, nettles, ashwaganda;
oils: lavender, lemon, orange

This is just a sampling. Please feel free to research on your own when
you have a need for something, and of course we’re happy to help too!
For more information regarding naturopathic medicine:

Also we can talk with you about recommending/referring you to a
naturopathic or integrative doctor if needed.


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