Healthy Thanksgiving Ideas (paleo, gluten free)


Healthy Thanksgiving Ideas (paleo, gluten free)

For anyone changing their lifestyle and starting a new way of eating and thinking about food, holiday time can be daunting. There are limitless opportunities to cheat, and in many circumstances, few options that include grain-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, much less Paleo foods! Holiday parties, cookie trays at work, candy for the kids, hosting holiday dinners, the list goes on. I’ve been through it all. And somehow survived! So in the next few blog posts I’d like to pass on some of the thoughts, tips and recipes that have worked for our family, and you can hopefully take away from this something that will work for yours.

Let’s start with Thanksgiving, a wonderful time to stop and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.  However with that comes the stress of Thanksgiving dinner. For those that are hosting this could mean months of planning and preparation. Or, maybe you are going to someone else’s house for the holiday, in which case what do you bring and how do you navigate eating food from others who may not subscribe to the same nutritional lifestyle that you do? How do you get through the day without feeling deprived, but somehow still feel good about every bite you took? There ARE ways to eat delicious and healthy holiday foods. I promise. I remember our first Thanksgiving after switching to the Paleo way of eating. It was scary, but as someone who loves to cook, I was excited for the challenge. It was actually the first entire Thanksgiving meal is ever made myself. And you know what? It turned out amazing! We had turkey, stuffing, cauliflower “potato” mash, sweet potato casserole, even pumpkin pie! Japheth couldn’t believe the spread, and I couldn’t believe how yummy it all was. But the best part? No stomachaches! No bloating, no fatigue, no discomfort. From that meal on, I knew that I could do this Paleo thing.

So here are some suggestions for recipes you can try this Thanksgiving.  Make them for guests or take something to a party. Let me know what works and what doesn’t…either THANK YOU!


Sweet Potatoes:


There are thousands of other amazing recipes out there if you do a little research, these are just our staples. I also love Brussels sprouts with bacon, sweet potato pie, cranberry sauce, kale and butternut squash, etc etc. Have fun experimenting!!


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