Paleo Meals for a Day: Week 5


Paleo Meals for a Day: Week 5

Today was hot. Summer hot. Time-to-jump-in-the-pool hot. Summer is
quickly approaching, after such a beautiful Spring. While it’s hard to
say goodbye to Spring, the summer energy radiating from you all is
contagious. Kids are excited and carefree, adults are eagerly planning
and preparing for vacations and concerts. Crickets are chirping, pools
are getting crowded, and there’s that familiar and delicious smell in
the air of meat and veggies being grilled. Ah, summer. And one of my
favorite parts? Farmers markets and their plentiful bounty. I love my
weekly stroll through the local market. Quinn picking out her
favorites, she and Xavier munching on a yellow zucchini. Getting to
explore new fruits and veggies, new cuts of local, grassfed or
pasture-raised meat. Endless local, organically grown strawberries
with endless possibilities. Knowing that the food I buy here will
nourish my family more than any mass-produced or non-local variety.
How can any grocery store compete with that?

Here is another day of eating in our house. What’s it like in yours?

-One of our favorites (of course we triple the recipe!): Paleo Creamed Kale
and Eggs

Slow Cooker Meal
Paleo Coconut Mango Chicken

-Paleo Grilled Pork Chops topped with chopped Peaches and Basil
Paleo Strawberry Mint Sorbet


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