Paleo Meals for a Day


Paleo Meals for a Day

My goal is to post a weekly blog that captures a typical day of eating
in our house, complete with recipes. Many of our clients ask us for
recipes, meal ideas, and just ideas for new things to try. Also, if
you’re like me, you like to hear about what other health-conscious
people who share similar dietary interests are trying and eating! As
you know everything I post will be paleo, gluten-free, and processed
sugar-free. Please give feedback – I hope to keep it going as long as
there’s interest!

Paleo Meals for a Day: Day 1

Today I woke determined to make  breakfast. Normally Japheth makes the
breakfast: eggs cooked in coconut oil or bacon grease. But today
I wanted more. And by some miracle at 7am everyone in the house was
still sleeping. It was as if the universe wanted me to make pancakes.
So here was our breakfast today:

Sugar-free Bacon
“Brown” Eggs
Paleo chocolate chip pancakes

We eat several small meals a day, usually consisting of about 3oz
protein and lots of veggies! So for the next few meals we ate from a
big pot of stew I had made the day before, which
included all the protein, carbs and fat needed for our meals.

This morning, after my doctor appointment and before my chiropractor
appointment I threw together a quick meal into the slow-cooker. Then I
made a quick veggie side – my favorite slaw.  This was ready just in
time for an amazing dinner:

Slow-cooked Pork BBQ
Cabbage and Beet Slaw

By the way, I’ve mentioned I like to snack right? As is typical, today

we snacked on chocolate (of course), paleo granola, and dried
fruit (no sugar or sulfur added).

That’s it. If you have meats and veggies in your house these are super
quick and easy. Hope you try them and enjoy!


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