Paleo? No, I love bread too much.


Paleo? No, I love bread too much.

Going paleo was difficult for me. I loved bread. And pasta. And
cereal. And you get the picture. I was one of those people who
responded to the mere idea of a grain-free diet with “No, I like bread
too much.” Can any of you relate? And I always considered myself a
“healthy eater”. You know, cereal for breakfast, salad for lunch, some
yogurt or crackers and hummus for snacks, whole wheat pasta for
dinner. Healthy, right?

I discovered a gluten-free lifestyle a few years ago, after I had
struggled with severe GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease) for
years and was on loads of medication (don’t get me started on the
addictive qualities of proton-pump inhibitors and the pill pushing
doctors) and was still suffering. I had heard that gluten could be a
culprit of many digestive issues and resulting diseases, including
GERD. So I tried a gluten-free diet for a little while. And you know
what? It actually helped! So I told my GI doctor and do you know what
he did? Smirked! And recommended more medication and yet another
endoscopy. Really? Now at this point my body was so addicted to the
meds that even going GF for a few weeks couldn’t relieve my symptoms
enough to quit, but it relieved some of my symptoms. Of course then I
didn’t know that it can take 6 months for your body to purge gluten
from its system. So, weak as I was, I gave up and went back to eating
gluten, though less frequently. I tried paleo eating soon after that,
but wasn’t completely committed, because let’s face it – it’s hard to
completely change your eating habits that have been your life for
decades. But that’s an excuse. I knew I was stronger than that.

After becoming pregnant with my second baby I decided that I owe it
not only to me but also to my children to be as healthy as possible,
inside and out. It’s important to me that my children have their mom
around as long as possible, and that they see and learn about the
importance of eating real, whole foods, as well as exercising,
meditating, and conserving resources. But I digress. I admit that I
started paleo because Japheth was doing it and it made sense to cook
the same things for all of us, rather than making different meals for
everyone. But once I started cooking and baking paleo I quickly began
to feel better and have more energy. If any of you have tried paleo,
you know what I’m talking about. No more feeling bloated, no more
getting so full you feel sick (such a after a pizza binge). No more
feeling fat and sluggish all weekend. I discovered that cooking paleo
was easy, and ridiculously delicious. It still fascinates me and as
someone who loves to cook but doesn’t have a lot of time, it just

We recommend Paleo to our clients because of the tremendous health
benefits. Paleo foods are anti inflammatory and easy to digest. They
help increase energy. By avoiding processed carbs and focusing on good
quality, whole foods, Paleo eating promotes a healthy gut, and
increases your intake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In
addition, Paleo combats autoimmune disease, diabetes, and a host of
other medical and health conditions.  Not to mention it can help you
lose body fat and optimize athletic performance.

Paleo to me isn’t about eating like a caveman, literally. And I
definitely don’t consider it to be a fad diet, like some will say.
It’s about eating real, not processed, foods. It’s about being aware
of what foods are made of and where they come from and choosing for
ourselves the foods that we want to consume. It’s about enjoying our
food both in its taste and in knowing that it’s making our bodies
nourished and strong. That’s not a “diet” to me, and it’s not a fad

So bread? Yes, I miss it a little. And one day if I’m out and
encounter some amazing looking garlic knot or Philly pretzel I may
have a moment of weakness. But it’s not a necessity in my life
anymore. It’s just not worth the detriment to my body. And have you
tried paleo banana bread?

If you need advice on paleo eating or recipes, we’re happy to share.
Do your bodies a favor and try it! Take it from me, a former
bread-a-holic 🙂


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