Paleo Sweet Potato Coconut Smash


Paleo Sweet Potato Coconut Smash

I make this in a slow-cooker, as I do almost everything, but it can
also be made by roasting or steaming the veggies and then throwing
them in a stockpot to finish the recipe. Easy either way!

– 6 peeled and washed sweet potatoes
– 3 peeled and washed large carrots
– 1 can full fat organic coconut milk
– 1 Tbsp ground ginger
– 2 tsp cinnamon
– coconut oil to grease slow-cooker

Grease slow-cooker. Chop veggies into large chunks and throw into pot.
Pour in coconut milk and add seasonings. Set on low 4-6 hours or until
veggies are soft. Use potato smasher and smash them like you mean it
(ask Japheth if that counts for a workout?). Set on warm to enjoy for


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