Stuff Paleo Toddlers Say

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Stuff Paleo Toddlers Say

Quinn, our 2-year old, is constantly making us laugh, so I couldn’t
resist sharing some of the things she says that you may not hear a lot
of toddlers say! I’d love to hear some funny things that your kids say

Stuff Paleo Toddlers Say

“Is this organic? Is it gluten-free?”

“Mama can I have some more basil?”

“I want chicken with maple syrup!”

“I need honey on my eggs!”

“Can I have some more ball cookies?” (Macadamia nuts)

“This tastes like bread!” (Local organic all beef franks)

“I want some more special healthy meat.” (Liverwurst)

“Can I have some tea? With honey and cinnamon.”

“Here is some coconut milk for you, mama.”

“Mama can you make some more almond butter?”

“Let’s go to the farmer’s market!”

“Mmmm-mmmm, bacon.”

“I love you, big dada tree.”

“Can you put some coconut oil on my tushie?”

“Can you put some lavender on me?”

“I can do burpees like mama!”

“My dada goes upside down at the playground.”

“I don’t wanna play. I wanna stay here and do a workout with you.”

“Mama, are you all done meditating?”

“Look at my new yoga pose!” (Standing on her head)


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