Switch Witch with Water and Rock Studio


Switch Witch with Water and Rock Studio

I love Halloween! I always loved it as a kid, and now I get to see my 4-year-old’s face light up at the idea of dressing up like a monkey and finding a tree to swing on! And of course there’s the candy. She loves trick-or-treating and is eager to get to as many houses or stores as possible to enjoy a hefty collection of candies. One mini-tootsie roll and she’s bouncing off the walls – or the trees, as it may be. So we decided to introduce the Switch Witch. Every year, after Halloween, we decided to exchange the candy stash for an agreed upon object, activity, or food. This can be anything from a trip to a different playground to a toy of their choosing, and is of course preceded by a conversation and a mutual agreement!

So at Water and Rock Studio we’d like to help you make healthier choices for yourself and your family by implementing the Switch Witch! So now through November 7th, we’d like to offer new clients – both adults and children alike – the opportunity to bring your candy stash or another stash of junk food hanging around, into the studio and exchange it for a FREE class of your choosing. This would be a great thing to do with your children, to show them that you too are committed to healthy eating, and a healthier lifestyle!

For our family, it’s not only a tradition that reinforces our commitment to a healthy lifestyle, but also a chance to reinforce what holidays are really about: being with family. So encourage your children to trick-or-treat this year and fill up those buckets with candy, knowing that it will actually make them healthier 🙂 See you for the switch!


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