Taking Health to the Next Level with Fermented Foods


Taking Health to the Next Level with Fermented Foods

I’ve always wanted to make my own yogurt, because I LOVE yogurt and I
don’t like paying $4 a serving for good quality yogurt that is often
pasteurized and contains ingredients that I don’t recognize. But it
wasn’t until I went dairy free that I decided that it was time. Not
that it is a big deal. I guess it’s just one of those things I had on
my long list of things I’d like to do but would probably never get to.
You know, like make my own deodorant, make my own sunscreen, plant a
garden (all of which I do now!). Anyway, I am super excited to share
my Coconut Milk Yogurt recipe with you! It’s dairy
free, delicious, and paleo friendly! And it’s a fermented food, which
means it’s good for you. Not sure if you want to just take my word for
it? I’ll go on.

The probiotics from fermented foods can positively impact your immune
and nervous systems by helping to balance the good bacteria in your
body. Things such as poor diet, antibiotics, stress, and other factors
can create an imbalance of bad bacteria which may manifest in
bloating, fatigue, inflammation, headaches, etc.  Fermented foods can
help aid digestion and nutrient absorption. So where do we get them?
Many yogurts are pasteurized and most store bought pickles or
sauerkraut are made in vinegar which counteracts fermentation. We
recommend making your own. I make my own pickles, sauerkraut, and even
fun things like Ginger Carrots.
It’s EASY and consists of vegetable, salt, water, and spices. I love
simple things that make such a difference in our health. Here is a
great post on fermented foods if you’d like to read a little more.

I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with fermented
foods. What do you make? What recipes do you like? Contact us to let me know.

Next up for me: Kombucha! I’ll keep you posted…

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