Any successful relationship takes hard work and a solid foundation of communication. It’s no different with your personal trainer. Sure, when you have never met this person before, it can be hard and maybe sometimes awkward telling them about your late night Oreo binges and how your daily exercise is nothing more than taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. But the secret to your fitness success starts with having clear goals and a strategy to help you get there.

A significant part of this strategy is the ability to have open and honest conversations with the person who will play a significant role in helping you achieve your goals. So how do you effectively communicate with someone you only see once or twice a week and someone who consistently makes you want to swear at them when you’ve been in a plank for over 20 seconds?

Tips For Effectively Talking to Your Personal Trainer

Get to Know Them

When personal training sessions are only about an hour long, it is best to use this time to your advantage. But when first starting out, you might want to take some time to actually get to know this person. Ask them what got them interested in being a personal trainer, what they do for fun, how do they get over the humps and lack of motivation, what are their favorite foods? The more you know about this person (and the more they know about you), the easier it will be to have valuable conversations.

Set Clear Goals

What made you first want to sign up with a personal trainer? Take some time to write down your goals — it could be anything from a target weight to being able to run a mile without stopping to feeling confident in that pair of jeans. Keep in mind that goals should be hard, they aren’t supposed to be easy and shouldn’t be attainable over night. It’s important to realize that fitness takes time and hard work, but there will be dozens of micro goals that you achieve along the way. And with the right trainer, you will have someone to help keep you on track, whether it’s for the next three months or for an entire year.

Be Honest

It won’t help anyone if you tell your trainer that you are more active than you really are, or if you skip over the fact that you’ve had donuts for breakfast every day for who knows how long. These things are simply hurdles that need to be gotten over, they aren’t going to stop your personal trainer from wanting to work with you and they will not judge you for any part of your fitness history (or lack thereof). One-on-one sessions are going to be tough, but a good trainer will never make you feel bad about your lifestyle or your body.

Listen to Their Advice

A significant part of working with a trainer is doing your homework outside of each session. If you are scheduled to meet once every two weeks, a lot can happen (or not happen) within that time period. At Water and Rock Studio, our personal trainers will also provide nutrition plans, exercise plans, and more for you to follow in between each session. These plans, or homework, can sometimes be harder to complete than the exercises that you do during a session, but it’s also when you can start implementing what you have learned. If your trainer suggests a certain meal plan for the next week, or provides a list of exercises, take their advice! The homework that they give you was created specifically for your body, lifestyle, and your unique goals. They wouldn’t be giving you certain things to do if they didn’t have a very specific reason for it.

Expect a Variety of Exercises

Depending on what your goals are, your personal trainer will provide a range of exercises that will help you find success. This won’t be just running on the treadmill, it won’t just be push-ups or lifting weights — it will be a specific combination of exercises that they believe will help your body shed pounds, firm up certain areas, or help your heart grow stronger and healthier. Above all, your health is our priority, and we will do what it takes to help you get where you want to be.

Remain Calm

Here’s what everyone wants to know — how do you keep from yelling at your personal trainer when you really don’t want to do one more burpee? First, finish the last burpee because you know it will help you achieve your goals, even if it’s not the most energetic. Second, tell your trainer exactly how you feel! You can say it hurts, that you’re tired, and that you want to stop. They will stand by your side and listen to every word, and then will continue to find a way to keep you motivated. Personal trainers have heard it all, so it’s OK to be upset — but it’s more important to keep your goals in mind and to come back the next time with renewed energy and sense of motivation.

Water and Rock Studio is dedicated to helping everyone improve their fitness levels in the safest, most effective way possible. There will be bumps along the way, but together we will succeed!

Get in touch with our team today and start planning your fitness strategy with professional, experienced personal trainers.

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