Your Inner Superhero

Your Inner Super Hero

Your Inner Superhero

I was watching my kids play the other day, as I always do, with wonder and awe. They love playing superhero, and each day the superpowers seem to change. One day they can fly, another they run “faster than a cheetah”, or jump “super high”. My daughter was upset because she couldn’t understand why she needed a coat and gloves on in the cold weather. “Superheroes don’t need coats and gloves!” she argued adamantly. She seemed truly disappointed that her superpowers didn’t extend to her body temperature. It made me think, when did we, as adults, lose faith in our inner superhero? We all had one at one time. Think back – what superhero did you want to be? What superpowers did you yearn for? Even as adults we still get excited about the superhero fantasy – how many millions of fans saw the latest Avengers movie? So where is our inner superhero?

Ok, some of us may be more in touch with that superhero than others. We all know someone who could easily slip into a cape and tights if only phone booths still existed. That very confident friend that we admire; that super yogi in yoga class who exudes positivity, breathes perfectly, and makes handstands look easy; that mom who always has perfect hair and happy children…or how about the friend struggling with his weight for years who just reached his weight-loss goal? The mom who used her yoga skills to breathe deeply instead of yelling at her children? The teenager who fended off bullies at school simply by acting a little more confident after his private sessions in self-defense? Yes, my friends, there are superheros among us, and within us. Some may need a little encouragement, or coercion, to see him/her again. But the superhero is there. Everytime you set and meet a goal, that’s your Wonderwoman, or Spiderman making an appearance. Every obstacle you overcome, every challenge you face, that’s your Batman. You can fly, you do it every day. There’s nothing to stop you – except your inner villain. Your Lex Luther, your Joker, your…I think you get the picture. So what’s your inner villain? What goals has it prevented you from reaching? What goal are you reaching for right now, and what are the obstacles getting in your way? The first step is really to see these things, and to acknowledge them. They are your cryptonite, but they can be overcome. And when you need help, that’s what we’re here for.

Let’s go back to when we believed we could do anything and be anything we wanted to be – and let’s believe those things again! Want to get in shape for that obstacle course you’ve been hearing about but never thought you’d be able to do? Want to lose 50lbs? Want to be fit over 40? Want to run that marathon you’ve always dreamed of? Want to conquer Flying Pigeon in your Vinyasa class? Want to rock those old jeans from the ’80’s (I wouldn’t recommend it but you’ll get no judgment here)? You can. We can and will help, but YOU can do it. So adorn your cape, set your goals, and fly – no, soar! – to your happy ending.


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