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30 MORE Healthy Snack Ideas (paleo, dairy-free, refined sugar-free)

Our clients are always asking for snack ideas. It’s very daunting, this world of clean-eating, when you’re not really sure what you can eat and you miss all of your old favorites. We are a snacking society. Everywhere you go people are pulling out boxes and bags of processed and artificially colored “food”. Kids are given 2 snack times during a full schoolday; and snack machines are everywhere. And filled with anti-nutrients at best. I’m okay with snacks. As I said in my first post, 30 Healthy Snack Ideas, I LOVE snacks. But the word “snack” does not need to be synonymous with “junk food” or even unhealthy. Let’s redefine the snack. Let’s take the snack back. Let’s find healthy ways to get our snack on while still maintaining the integrity of what a snack really should be – what food really should be.

*We recommend shopping organic and local when possible to avoid pesticides and other harmful chemicals and to optimize nutrient quality!

Here are 30 MORE Healthy Snack Ideas for you to chew on. Pun intended.

  1. Avocado with salt.
  2. Almond butter or Sunbutter on a spoon.
  3. Apples with date paste (tastes like a caramel apple – really!)
  4. Dates stuffed with coconut butter
  5. Apple “sandwiches”: spread almond butter between two slices of apple
  6. Plantain Chips (clean, with salt and a healthy oil)
  7. Paleo muffins
  8. Coconut milk yogurt with fruit
  9. Banana slices with maple syrup and shredded coconut
  10. Pear slices with cinnamon
  11. Chocolate and almonds or pistachios
  12. Scallops or salmon wrapped in prosciutto (make sure the fish is wild caught and the prosciutto is “clean”)
  13. Veggies dipped in Spinach-Avocado-Herb dip
  14. Leftover meats
  15. These wraps filled with almond butter and honey
  16. Berry and/or spinach smoothie made with this collagen
  17. Tomatoes with basil and olive oil
  18. This Chia-Flax Super Cereal
  19. These sunbutter balls 
  20. These cassava chips
  21. This mango milkshake
  22. Diced apple with walnuts and cinnamon
  23. Almond butter with honey and chocolate pieces
  24. Macadamia nuts. I need not say more.
  25. A new discovery I’ve made is these Lara Bar Nut and Seed Bars – they are delicious and have a little protein to help keep you going (and they come in chocolate too :))!
  26. Olives. Not my favorite but I hear they make a great little salty snack!
  27. My Sunny Banana Bread
  28. My Chocolate Coconut Butter Cups
  29. Meatballs, like these
  30. BACON (it’s worth repeating)
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