Collagen and Gelatin: How the Health Benefits Outweigh the "Ew" Factor

You may have heard about collagen by now, and how important it is for your health. But what about the “ew” factor? Collagen and gelatin have a stigma that seems to scare people off, and here were going to talk about how the benefits of collagen and gelatin far outweigh the “ew” factor.

What is Collagen and Gelatin?

Collagen is an important – and one of the most common – protein in the body’s connective tissues, skin, and bones. It holds the body together, so to speak, helping to provide structure. As we age, and due to toxic environmental factors, our collagen levels decrease. Additionally, our modern diets don’t typically contain collagen or the amino acids that it provides, as we have gotten out of the practice of eating animals parts like our ancestors did.

Collagen and gelatin are derived from animal parts such as skins, bones, and tissues (the “ew” factor), and contain important amino acids, glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. Gelatin is created when collagen is cooked. Hydrolyzed collagen has the same amino acids as gelatin, but is a more processed form of collagen, which breaks up proteins into smaller pieces. While the health benefits of hydrolyzed collagen and gelatin are thought to be roughly the same, some people find it a little easier to digest hydrolyzed collagen. I prefer hydrolyzed collagen in things like smoothies or yogurt because it doesn’t gel like gelatin does. On the other hand, gelatin is what’s used in making gummies or marshmallows, or in thickening soups, due to it’s gelatinous nature.

Health Benefits of Collagen and Gelatin

If you’re new to the idea of consuming animal parts that do not include meat only, eating collagen or gelatin may not sound so appealing to you. The good news is that if you can get past that initial “ew” you’ll find that there are numerous health benefits that you can get, simply by adding a little collagen or gelatin powder to your foods, or by including delicious bone broth into your diet. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of the tremendous health benefits of collagen and gelatin:

  • Promotes joint health and reduces joint pain
  • Improves health and digestion
  • Improves mood, reduces anxiety
  • Improves skin and hair health
  • Maintains strong bones, relieves osteoporosis
  • Can aid in weight loss (it’s a healthy protein)
  • May help balance hormones

What Kind of Collagen or Gelatin?

We use this kind because it’s grass-fed and from humanely-raised animals. The Beef Gelatin will gel, so I use that more for things like gummies and marshmallows, or thickening soups. The Collagen Peptides is water-soluble, so I use this one for my smoothies and shakes (instead of protein powders), or mixed in any other hot or cold liquid. We also like Great Lakes collagen hydrolysate and beef gelatin.

Hope fully this will convince you that the health benefits of collagen and gelatin far outweigh the “ew” factor, and that you’ll give it a try! What ways do you like to get collagen into your diet?


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