Some mornings just seem to drag on and on, and then you’re still not even out the door. With busy days, late nights getting things done around the house, and early mornings to get to work on time, it can seem like there just isn’t enough energy to do anything except take a long shower. So what can we do to energize our mornings with something other than a heavy dose of caffeine? You guessed it — yoga!

Water and Rock Studio offers yoga classes to help you get through the day. And if you don’t want to get dressed, be seen in public, and try to remember to grab all of your things before heading to work after class, you can sign up for in-home yoga classes with our personal trainers. Simply join us online on your phone or computer and we’ll practice together. No need to worry about not having makeup on or not wanting to be social, we don’t need to have a morning conversation, we just need to align our breath with these morning yoga poses.

Forward Fold

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a simple forward fold. No need to push it, let your knees relax, and let your body hang heavy, your chest over your thighs. Keep your feet hip-width apart, make sure your hips are over your ankles, and pull in your abs so that your spine and head can hang low. Take a few deep breaths and spend as much time as you want here exploring the pose, move your head side-to-side, grab your elbows, grab your toes, sway from side-to-side — feel free to move as you wish.

Downward Dog

From the forward fold, you can simply slide your hands up on the mat and move into a downward dog. This is another pose where you can let your body move and explore, doing what it needs to stretch the areas that need it most — bend your knees, squeeze your toes, circle the inside of your arms to face forward, let your head hang and move it from side-to-side, pull your abs in, push your hips high, and ground your heel to the mat. Give yourself some time to complete at least three rounds of deep breaths.

Sun Salutation

When you’re ready, slowly step your feet to your hands. On an inhale, slowly rise up halfway, putting your hands on your upper thighs, stretching your head toward the wall in front of you, and flatten your back so it’s parallel with the floor. Exhale your hands to the ground and jump back to a plank position, stretching through your heels, your spine, and your head. Exhale and slowly lower into chaturanga so your chest hits the floor at the same time as your legs and hips. On an inhale, stretch your fingers on the mat and push your chest up into a cobra. This will waken up your upper back, shoulders, core, legs, and butt.

These three pose sequences are just enough to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. Do the sequence as slowly as you want and as many times as you need.

If you need guidance through the sequence, join Water and Rock Studio for in-home or online sessions. Our personal trainers offer simple and energizing yoga classes that can help you power through the day.

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