Homemade Bone Broth…really?

Bone Broth

Homemade Bone Broth…really?

Let me tell you about my latest endeavor. Making my own bone broth. I’ve read about the health benefits and have been curious, but I don’t do well with bones. As a child my parents never gave me meat on a bone. Seriously. It was always boneless meat. Even when we went to KFC (I’m from the south – don’t judge) they would make sure I got boneless chicken. So the idea of using chicken bones or a whole chicken to make something didn’t really appeal to me. Besides, my beloved Whole Foods sells bone broth, so there.

Then my husband got sick. Flu sick. And he never takes a day off. He had to work while feeling awful, which made me feel awful. And do you know what is great for colds/flus? Bone broth. So what better time to suck it up and face my aversion to bones? So I did.

Here’s the thing. Homemade bone broth has tremendous health benefits. It literally heals the lining of your gut. It aids in nutrient digestion, helps your body fight infection, and even contains glucosamine, which reduces inflammation and joint pain. Additionally it contains calcium and magnesium to help bones repair. What about store bought broth? Well, the stuff in stores typically contains MSG or other chemicals, and even if it doesn’t, the nutritional value doesn’t even compare to homemade. While you can use it in cooking, it lacks many of the health boosting benefits. Also, it’s ridiculously yummy, it’s cheaper to make your own, and it’s EASY. Take it from me, the bone hater.

Here’s how I make it:


-Whole raw chicken, insides removed.

-2 celery stalks, cut in quarters

-2 large carrots, cut in quarters

-1 head of garlic, cut in half

-1 onion, peeled and cut in quarters

-1 bunch of parsley


What to do:

Throw everything in crockpot. Fill pot with water, up to within 1 inch of top of pot. Cook on low 7-8 hours. Take chicken out and remove meat (if you don’t know how, there are awesome videos on YouTube. It’s very easy!). Save meat for later (maybe a chicken and veggie soup!). Put bones back in pot and cook on low for 12 or more hours. Strain broth through sieve or coffee filter. Can freeze to use in future recipes or use right away, if, for example, your husband is sick!

Enjoy making and using homemade bone broth, and let me know your experiences!



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