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Homemade Instant Pot Bone Broth (aka Liquid Gold)

Homemade bone broth has tremendous health benefits. It literally heals the lining of your gut. It aids in nutrient digestion, helps your body fight infection, and even contains glucosamine, which reduces inflammation and joint pain. Additionally it contains calcium and magnesium to help bones repair. What about store bought broth? Well, the stuff in stores typically contains MSG or other chemicals, and even if it doesn’t, the nutritional value doesn’t even compare to homemade. While you can use it in cooking, it lacks many of the health boosting benefits. Also, it costs more than making your own. Both in the short term (go ahead- do a cost analysis), and the long-term (hello…stave off illness, doctor visits, and medications).

Practical Uses for Bone Broth

Okay, so you get that bone broth is good for you. But what do you do with it? Here are a few ways you can incorporate that liquid gold into your everyday life:

  • Drink a mug of warm broth
  • Make a soup or stew with it (your stews NEVER tasted so good!)
  • Use it to add flavor to your sweet potato or cauliflower mash
  • Freeze it in cubes and throw one in next time your cooking up some hamburger meat
  • Use it to make delicious shredded chicken or chicken salad

Have you tried making your own bone broth yet? If not, why not? You wouldn’t believe how easy it is. I make it every week. Every. Week. And if I have time for it with two little ones and a couple of businesses, so do you. It literally takes 5 minutes prep time, and around 2 hours of cook time (pressure-cook) or 24 hours (slow cook). Check out my previous post on making bone broth from a whole chicken – it’s delicious! That recipe was easy, and it’s what got me into this golden deliciousness in the first place. But sometimes I don’t have time to de-bone a chicken, and just want to throw things in a pot. I like just throwing things into a pot and it turning out delicious – makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, and always impresses hubby! So here is a super simple way to make bone broth in your Instant Pot (and if you’re not an Instant Pot believer yet then you are really missing out. At this point you should be using an Instant Pot. Period.). *Note: I get my beef bones from a local farmer who sells grass-fed beef. Many farmers will be happy to sell bones separately, and they’re usually really inexpensive! ** you want your broth to gel once it’s been in the fridge! That’s a sign of high nutrient quality, and it’s great! If yours doesn’t gel, it’s still nutritious so don’t throw it out; try adding more bones next time!

Homemade Instant Pot Bone Broth (aka Liquid Gold)


  • Beef, chicken, or lamb bones
  • Veggies and herbs – I usually use an onion cut in half, a head of garlic cut in half, 2 carrots, 1 bunch of parsley, and any other veggies or herbs laying around
  • Bay leaf
  • Water


  1. Add bones to pot (fill at least halfway)
  2. Add veggies, herbs, and bay leaf on top
  3. Add water to fill line
  4. Pressure Cook Method: Press “Soup”, set pressure to “Low” and timer to 120 minutes.   Slow Cook Method: press “Slow Cook”, adjust to “Low” and set time for 20 hours
  5. Strain broth, discard bones and veggies. Store in glass jars in fridge.

Let me know how it goes!




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