Here at Water and Rock Studio, we believe that the key to lasting health and wellness is to find balance in all things. From exercise to nutrition to mental health, balance is a crucial part of living our best lives. That’s why we use a holistic approach when we work with our students, helping them find a balanced way of living.

But just what is a holistic approach to wellness? We consulted our team of personal trainers, yoga instructors, and health consultants, and here’s what we found.

An Intuitive Approach to Health

In the modern age of science and medicine, it’s easy to get lost in charts, stats, and datasets. Rather quickly, people become diagnoses rather than patients. Holistic health instead looks at the individual as their own person and how they interact with their environment. 

When you follow a holistic wellness plan, you’re working to achieve an optimized sense of well-being where the body functions capably and competently. To do this, individuals emphasize the connection between their mind, body, and spirit. This allows everyone to take responsibility for their own level of health, and make choices daily that promote that sense of health and wellness.

An Ancient Practice With Modern Applications

Holistic health traces its roots back to ancient practices that first originated in India and China. More than 5,000 years ago, thinkers promoted a lifestyle that encouraged harmony with nature, community, and self. The idea of holism was first proposed by Jan Christiaan Smuts in 1926, who argued that “the part can never be well unless the whole is well.” By the 1970s, holistic living had emerged and invited people to view living as more than just individual parts, and instead regard them as a sum of those parts. 

While modern medicine is no doubt effective in treating specific diseases, it’s not uncommon for these treatment methods to have unintended or harmful side effects. In other cases, some believed that they could neglect their bodies, ready to accept medical treatments to correct their actions. It’s in this context then that holistic health matters now more than ever. By choosing a lifestyle that encourages people to take responsibility for their health and be more considerate about how they treat their bodies, they can live happier, healthier lives.

The Dimensions of Wellness

As part of the idea of looking at the individual as the sum of its parts, holistic health is more than just diet and exercise. It looks at a collection of dimensions that make up each person. One model that many holistic health practitioners follow is the six dimensions of wellness. 

Physical wellness focuses on the need for regular physical activity as well as the balance of diet and nutrition. To achieve optimal physical wellness, people are encouraged to develop their strength, flexibility, and balance, and pair it with healthy foods while avoiding drugs, tobacco, and excess alcohol.

Social wellness highlights contributing to the communities people are a part of, as well as improving their personal environment. To achieve social wellness, individuals explore their place in society and the impact they have on themselves and others. Through effective communication and meaningful connections with others, they live a socially balanced life.

Intellectual wellness praises creative thought and mental activity. To improve their intellectual wellness, they seek out stimulating ideas and concepts, while actively working toward improving their knowledge and skills. More than just learning in a classroom, those who live intellectually well lives seek out other ideas and lines of thought as a way to solve problems and enhance their being.

Occupational wellness cherishes the satisfaction and reward of work. By refining their feelings about their work and occupation, people find new ways to find meaning and reward. This dimension of wellness encourages people to choose a career that is consistent with their beliefs, interests, and values.

Emotional wellness promotes the awareness and acceptance of feelings, both positive and negative. To find balance in this dimension, people manage their feelings and the behaviors that stem from them. This includes setting a realistic set of limitations, managing stress, and finding a sense of independence.

Spiritual wellness recognizes that people will search for meaning and purpose throughout their lives. In this search, people are rewarded for appreciating the experience of life and all of the natural forces that make it possible. Achieving spiritual wellness is characterized by a sense of harmony between personal feelings and external factors.

How to Practice Holistic Living

Holistic living is practiced in a myriad of ways. While they may seem simple at first, they are deceptively challenging.

You have to nourish your body and mind with good food and regular exercise. This keeps your body physically healthy. Emotionally, you have to give yourself chances to grow, explore, and fail, while still loving and forgiving yourself. Establishing connections, with yourself and others, is a vital part of holistic living. By investing in relationships that offer value to your life, you lead a healthier life. 

Holistic living can also be accomplished with the help of a personal trainer or instructor who outlines a specific plan or program for you. While this might not feel in keeping with the idea of holistic health, it actually is part of that relationship-building process. Working with an instructor allows you to promote intellectual, social, and physical wellness all at the same time, offering you more time to invest in your occupational, spiritual, and emotional wellness.

Practice Holistic Living With Water and Rock Studio

Our students can achieve a greater sense of wellness when they embrace our holistic approach to health. Our work starts with a personal health consultation, then shifts to create a nutrition program that helps you reset your metabolism. After improving your gut-body-mind health, our instructors create personalized fitness plans using yoga classes, functional fitness courses, or self-defense and MMA training

Start your holistic living journey today, and sign up for your personalized consultation. We also invite you to take advantage of a free class at one of our studios in Manhattan, Philadelphia, or Burlington. Contact us today to find out more!

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