In our last blog post, we discussed our holistic approach to health and wellness, what it was, and how we applied it to our work. One of the key takeaways from that post was that holistic health looks at more than simply your diet and exercise levels. It also accounts for your spiritual, emotional, and mental health. In order to nourish these different types of health, we’ve found that many of our clients benefit from a more natural lifestyle. But what does that mean, and how do you practice it? Let’s take a look.

New Dimensions to Your Home Life

One of the hallmarks of modern living is the incredible use of plastic products. Everything from our clothing to our dishware is made from plastic, and while it’s convenient, it’s not always great for the environment. These plastics end up in our water supplies and in our soils, making it for plants and animals to thrive.

Instead of using a plastic product, look for alternatives made from materials like metal, glass, and wood. Not only do these goods last just as long as plastic, but they’re also easier to recycle, repurpose, and reuse. This makes them kinder on the environment and your health. When it comes to your clothing, choose fibers made from natural materials like wool, cotton, and hemp. These fibers have a reduced impact on the environment.

Finally, consider how you’re cleaning your home. There are hundreds of options that make use of harsh chemicals that may leave your home feeling clean but are actually having a negative impact on your indoor air quality. Use natural products that are free of added fragrances and dyes.

Your Food Choices

We are fortunate to live in a time where food is nutritious and plentiful. But despite the wealth of food we have access to, most Americans are making poor choices when it comes to their diet. The typical American diet is heavy in added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium, and generally lacks fruits, vegetables, dairy, and healthy oils. This is, in part, due to the easy access to fast food that many have. It’s estimated that on any given day, more than a third of American adults will consume fast food, with many choosing it as a snack. This fast food is a fast way to consume more than your daily recommended calories.

One of the easiest ways to embrace a natural lifestyle is to simply cook at home more. This simple switch lowers your consumption of sodium and harmful fats. You can make this switch by shopping around the edges of your local grocery store. Your meals should consist of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, and even whole-grain bread. 

Regular Exercise and Physical Activity 

In general, people are exercising less and spending more time parked in front of a screen. This is problematic for lots of reasons, but the effect it has on their health is the most problematic part. The fact is, exercise is an important part of any lifestyle and has both long-term and short-term benefits. Regular exercise is a great way to control and lose weight, enhance your immune system, and even get better rest. When you get more physical activity, your energy levels improve, ensuring that you get to spend more time doing the things that you love. As an added benefit, regular exercise is a great way to enjoy some social time with others, whether it’s through a yoga class, a self-defense course, or even just a walk through Manhattan.

Getting adequate exercise is much easier than many believe. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that you spend at minimum 150 minutes a week doing moderate aerobic activity. For many, that’s as simple as taking a quick walk around the neighborhood after work. For others, it’s just a part of their regular workout schedule.

Spending Time Outside

Of course, an easy way to get your recommended amount of exercise in is to simply get outside and enjoy a natural space, be it a park or a forest. Numerous studies have shown that when you get outside and enjoy the sunshine, it can have a profoundly positive impact on your health and wellness. Just 30 minutes a day results in higher levels of vitamin D, leading to a decreased risk for heart disease and improved symptoms of depression. Sunlight also improves people’s mood, meaning that a little time outside is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

If you don’t have time to get outside during the day, even taking the time to position yourself near a window overlooking a green space can have a positive effect on your health. It’s suggested that spending just 15 minutes looking out a window can lower your heart rate and improve your mood. 

Lead a Natural Lifestyle With the Personal Trainers at Water and Rock Studios

Enjoying a natural lifestyle is easy when you’ve got someone to guide you on your way. Here at Water and Rock Studios, our holistic approach to wellness is informed by our personal trainers. When you work with our personal trainers, you’ll start by completing a personal health consultation that will help you create a health and wellness program. After making changes to your nutrition that help to restore your metabolism, we’ll create a tailored fitness plan that utilizes our yoga, self-defense, and functional fitness courses. The result is a great start to any natural lifestyle. Connect with us at our studio in Manhattan to get started today!

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