Parents have it hard sometimes — infants crying in the middle of the night, having to calm a child who had a bad dream, making breakfasts, giving baths — the list goes on. So when a parent wants to spend time for themselves, watching a movie, reading a book, or taking a yoga class, finding that time, and the motivation, can be incredibly hard. For some parents, it can even feel like they’re being selfish taking time for themselves.

If you find yourself agreeing to all of this, instead of listening to your inner thoughts that are telling you to pick up the toys and finish the dishes, tell yourself that taking care of yourself is not just a good thing to do, but it is absolutely necessary! No, the days aren’t going to any longer, but with the right mindset, you can find time to set aside for yourself.

At Water and Rock Studio, we want to make exercising and leading a quality life as simple and as effortless as possible (minus the heart pumping effort of the workouts). At both of our Philadelphia and Burlington locations, we offer yoga classes that you can take in the comfort of your own home! One of our personal trainers will come to your home or you can simply log on via skype or on your phone and have an online session. But how can you get some extra yoga into your schedule in between sessions, especially if you have children running around all day and night?

Tips For Getting Some Yoga Into Your Day

Break out of the traditional yoga box

Sometimes the thought of venturing out to a yoga studio can be all it takes for any motivation you had to go out the window. But the act of yoga doesn’t have to be in a class setting, it doesn’t even have to be on a mat, and you don’t need to squeeze on a pair of leggings either. Grab a pair of sweatpants and hang out on the carpet in the living room. Get into a comfortable seated position, shut down your eyes, and breathe. Lift your arms up over your head and stretch to either side, twist to one side and then the other, slowing inhaling and exhaling as you move. Simply listening to your breath and taking some time to empty your mind of thoughts can be all you need to regain balance.

Do yoga in the shower

Right after you’ve put conditioner in your hair and you’re waiting to rinse, spend a minute in Tadasana or tree pose. Feel your feet connect with the ground, all of your toes, the edges of your feet, and ground your heels down. Stand up tall like a string is pulling your head up. Raise your hands slightly, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and open up your heart — remember to breathe. Take another minute and with an exhale, slowly fold over into Uttanasana or full forward fold. Let your spine reach long to the ground and let your arms and head relax — just don’t breathe in any water and be mindful of not slipping.

Hold your own yoga class with your kids

Yoga is a great way for everyone to unwind at the end of the day, and you can take the time and get a mini practice in for yourself. Start slowly with some basic movements, like cat-cow, cobra, and child’s pose. Keep in mind that doing yoga with your kids may be on the silly side, but that may be a good thing too! When you’ve moved through a few positions, you can have your kids get into bed and finish the practice with savasana or corpse pose.

Practice yoga at work

If you can listen to your body and you know what moves can benefit certain areas the most, there are plenty of opportunities to get some yoga into your workday. You can start by paying close attention to your posture, sit up straight, and every hour or so, take a few minutes to get some really deep breaths down into your stomach. Swing your arms wide and up above your head and slowly bring them down to your heart. Sit on the edge of your chair and do some cat-cows to stretch out your spine — and keep breathing. A few minutes of stretching will get your blood flowing and will refresh your mind.

The staff and personal trainers at Water and Rock Studio understand that schedules can be incredibly busy — believe us, we’ve been there too. But we also know how beneficial it is to take time and spend it on yourself. Whether that’s in the shower, or at one of our yoga classes, we’re confident that you’ll thank yourself.

Sign up for a class at our yoga studio, or get in touch with our personal trainers to learn more about our in-home sessions.

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